Understanding Autism

A closer look at the autistic experience.

Autism and Masking

Masking is a common trait among category 1 autistics. It’s a defense mechanism that is often misinterpreted. As many category 1 autistics will note, we often find our diagnosis questioned because we don’t fit the stereotype for autism. Many people expect us to be physically disabled, unable to speak clearly, have constant meltdowns, etc. Masking makes getting to the bottom of what is really happening difficult.

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Autism and College

School, in general, has always been a bit of a challenge. Most of the time it isn’t because the course material is challenging, but because the design of school and classes is difficult. I want to talk about some of the things that I find challenging about school.

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The Vulcan

Throughout my life I head many people refer to me as a walking encyclopedia, a robot, and a Vulcan. These comparisons stem from a variety of things, such as the massive wealth of trivial information I know to, what seems like, being unemotional. Today I want to talk about this idea of being compared to a Vulcan. Some autistics take umbrage with this term, but it’s often more accurate than people think, but for some of the worst reasons.

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The Know it All

There are a variety of terms that are used to describe many autistics and they are often not compliments. One such term is “know it all.”

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