About Us

Me and this blog.

I’ve created this blog for many reasons.  It’s often difficult for people with autism to communicate with the rest of the world.  Our experience and understanding of the world can be something that is difficult for others to grasp and trying to get all of our thoughts out in a manner that Neuro-typical people can handle is often challenging.  I’ve found that the written word creates a format that allows me to say what I have to say without interruption.  I can communicate the deep and complex ideas running through my head without someone derailing the conversation with arguments or questions that may very well have been addressed had they listened for a while longer.

I also created this blog to shine a light on the world through the lens of someone with autism.  It’s my experience that Neuro-typicals often aren’t aware of how deeply rooted socialization is in how they view the world and various topics.  Even the written word can have it’s issues because of how much social aspects of language impact one’s interpretation.  For this reason, I will cover a myriad of topics.  To the outside observer it may seem that there is no clear theme to my blog, but make no mistake, there is a theme and the savvy observer will see it.

It is my hope that this blog will serve as an oasis for others with autism.  I want this to be a place not only for Neuro-typical people to learn but for autistic people to have a place that covers topics in a way they may be able to relate to.  Though there are places to go for people with autism to discuss their experience, there are not many that talk about issues outside of the individual’s autistic experience.  Our views of politics, religion, social science, science, mathematics, art, law, video games, etc… are all areas that our unique perspective can allow us to bring new ideas and innovations to.  We are interested in more than just being autistic and the day to day routine and interactions.  This blog should serve as a place to talk about these ideas and topics.

Much of the language used here will be done in a way that, I feel, caters more to the Neuro-typical understanding of the world.  I do this largely because as an autistic person, I have found that I have to speak the language of the Neuro-typical to have any chance of being understood.  Even in this first post, making the distinction between Autistic and Neuro-typical is not how I view people.  Such distinctions are packed with deep social implications, but there has to be a starting point in communication to build to the more complex ideas.  For now, these distinctions serve the purpose of conveying an idea to an audience they may not yet be able to understand a different way of seeing people.

It is my sincere hope that people find my blog to be a place of learning and understanding.  Autistic people can challenge others to see the world in ways they never imagined.  They can bring attention to detail often overlooked or taken for granted.  Most importantly, I think that autistic people will help those, who sincerely wish to listen and learn, discover a lot about themselves.

Lastly, autistic people are not a monolith.  We vary in our thoughts, interests, and world views just like anyone else.  We don’t always agree just like other people.  I expect to have disagreements, and I encourage civil discourse.  In general, I do not shut down speech even if I disagree with it, but I do want this to be a space where autistic people can speak and be heard.  Given how certain levels of vile speech can emotionally impact many people on the spectrum, I will shut down anything that crosses the boundary of personal attacks.  Ad Hominem arguments aren’t useful and do nothing to advance a conversation.  The damage such tactics can do to some people with autism is enormous.  Their voices need to be heard, and taking advantage of tactics designed to silence them will not be tolerated.